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“mommy doesn’t go to work.”

Last Tuesday Brett had the day off, and graciously offered to watch both kids for the morning so I could go to Starbucks and work. I had an essay to write, submissions to read, photos to edit, e-mails to answer. … Continue reading

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labels, dreams, fears, and fuel.

{ photo by Sarah Thornhill } One of the weirdest things that has plagued me since becoming a mother is figuring out my label. I’m not even into labels, but it seems like every time I meet a new person … Continue reading

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hard work and generosity.

I landed my first official job shortly after my 16th birthday, a hostessing gig at a local steakhouse. After a quick non-interview interview with the General Manager, he complimented my strong handshake and told me I was hired. I went … Continue reading

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back to work, or not.

Today was my first day “back to work”, although I use that term lightly. I managed to shower and get dressed before 9:00am, a miracle in itself, and left Everett with my mother-in-law for the very first time. I was … Continue reading

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