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things are about to get busy up in here.

Last summer I visited my friend Lesley shortly after her second baby Owen was born. We sat on her couch chit-chatting about life and motherhood, when he started to cry. As she got ready to nurse him, her toddler Anna … Continue reading

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the not-so-terrible twos.

Everyone warned me about the terrible twos. Moms at the grocery store. Total strangers at the post office. Every time someone asked Everett’s age and I answered, I received the same response: “Oooooh, the terrible twos! Watch out! I hope … Continue reading

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the counting method.

Sometimes people look at my pictures and ask me, “Is Everett really that happy?” I never know how to answer that question, other than to simply say yes. Everett is really that happy. He is easy to tickle and quick … Continue reading

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