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36 minutes.

I had errands to run. The alterations shop, the camera shop, the baby clothes store. I collapsed on the chair for a minute—just one minute—to rest before mustering the energy to change his diaper, change his clothes, brush my teeth, … Continue reading

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hard work and generosity.

I landed my first official job shortly after my 16th birthday, a hostessing gig at a local steakhouse. After a quick non-interview interview with the General Manager, he complimented my strong handshake and told me I was hired. I went … Continue reading

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pure magic.

The sun shines through the living room windows and he crawls up on the couch next to me, freshly woken from a not-long-enough nap. I notice an eyelash on his cheek as he quickly spots my headphones. I turn on … Continue reading

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let’s talk about potty training.

*Non-mothers, feel free to skip riiiiiight over this post. First things first: we are not ready to potty train. Not even close. Potty training absolutely terrifies me. As in, I kind of wish Everett could just stay in diapers forever … Continue reading

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100 miles.

A few weeks ago, something LEGENDARY happened. We hit 100 miles on our 4moms Origami stroller. It kind of felt like when your car reaches 100,000 miles, only bigger. It’s hard to believe that we’ve pushed this stroller 100 miles … Continue reading

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