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I somehow made it 2.5 years as a mom without so much as even acknowledging their existence. Scratch that—one time I almost got ran over by a couple of kids in the freezer aisle who came barreling past the frozen … Continue reading

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you just had a baby.

To: myself, and anyone else who needs to read this. You just had a baby. I know your jeans don’t fit. It sucks. I know you tried on seventeen pairs at Nordstrom Rack last week and almost cried in the … Continue reading

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is it worth it?

It started with potty training. (It always starts with potty training, yes?) We began on a Monday, planning to take full advantage of the rainy weather. Our house was stocked: juice boxes, salty snacks, tons of fiber, and two brand … Continue reading

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Everett is two years old and has already lived in three houses. That’s….weird. Each time we moved, I had a minor anxiety attack about how our move would affect Everett. I was worried we would disrupt his routine, his sense of normalcy, his … Continue reading

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panic at the drive-thru.

After Everett was born, I distinctly remember spending a lot of time on my couch. He was my first baby, after all. That’s what you do with first babies. You breastfeed all day long and binge watch Netflix and eat … Continue reading

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