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about that “mom hair”…..

Photo by Wendy Laurel Yesterday I came across a New York Times article titled, “Mom Hair: It Exists. Now What To Do About It.” If you don’t have time to read the entire piece, allow me to give you the … Continue reading

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because everyone loves a good hair tease.

Okay ladies, let’s be honest: I am the furthest thing from a beauty blogger, both by choice and lack of skill. But. But! When I find something amazing, I feel obligated to share it, so here we go. I recently … Continue reading

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how to recycle your hair.

Why yes, my hair IS still falling out! Thanks for asking. I think it’s getting better, which means instead of losing 400 hairs per day, I’m losing about 350. Awesome. Since my hair started falling out after I had Everett, … Continue reading

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a typical morning looking for lice.

“I think my scalp is bleeding.” Brett walked into the kitchen and I looked up at him in confusion, pausing between bites of cereal. “Huh?” “I just did my hair and saw a bunch of red spots on my scalp. … Continue reading

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dear hair salon.

Dear Future 2010 Salon and/or Stylist, I am reaching out to you after a year of horrific salon experiences, including, but not limited to: color mishaps, botched layers, and uneven bang trims. To avoid any further disasters or miscommunications, here … Continue reading

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