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when you miss the sunrise.

This morning Everett and I were lying in bed, him babbling and me half-sleeping. My stomach growled and E giggled as I begrudgingly swung my legs off the bed. I noticed there was an orange tint to the room, and … Continue reading

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I’ve always wanted to do a missions trip of some sort, but for whatever reason, it never happened. The timing was always wrong, I didn’t feel convicted enough, I was too scared, couldn’t afford it, insert excuse here _________. A … Continue reading

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a heavy heart.

I had posts scheduled for this week, but my heart still feels too heavy. Tears rolled down my cheeks this morning while I tickled Everett’s warm body on the floor. Ever since Friday, I can’t stop noticing his warmth. His … Continue reading

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The last time the Holy Spirit nudged me in Target, I froze. But not tonight. Tonight, I listened… It was supposed to be a quick trip, in and out to grab two items: bubble wrap and a cardboard box. I … Continue reading

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bright yellow wings.

She was impossible to miss with her cheerful yellow wings, outlined in black as if God himself had carefully colored inside the lines. I juggled Everett in one arm, his sweaty head pressed up against my cheek while I yanked … Continue reading

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