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didi and the milky way tradition.

I stumbled through the security line yawning, wondering if it was possible to be mentally hungover from a four-day writing conference. I caught a glimpse of myself in the reflection of the airport window and regretted the 5:30am decision to … Continue reading

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the leap.

Everyone I know is having a second baby. Okay, not everyone, but basically everyone. I would name names but that’s awkward so I’ll just tell you that three of my friends just welcomed their second babies and four of my … Continue reading

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on amani & the importance of buying handmade.

I’m a Target girl, through and through. In-store Starbucks is my jam; red clearance stickers are my kryptonite. I love Target because I love a good deal, and Target is full of good deals. I also love any place where … Continue reading

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our love story.

Two weeks after high school graduation, my friend Robby and I were leaving the county fair when he asked if he could stop by his friend Brett’s house to return a video game. “Brett….Gadd?” I asked nonchalantly. “Yeah, it will … Continue reading

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what I learned in my first year of motherhood.

the bump // one week // one year When I think back on that giddy and grateful mom propped up in the hospital bed holding her baby boy in one arm and a barf bin in the other, I can’t … Continue reading

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