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five recipes I tried from pinterest that were actually good.

(dinner last night, also known as #5 on the list below) If you’re anything like me, you have approximately 314 mouth-watering recipes pinned on Pinterest, just waiting for a perfect day when all the stars align and your toddler naps … Continue reading

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mocktail of the week: freckled strawberry lemonade.

Introducing…..a new (probably-not-regular-but-I’ll-try-my-best) blog feature: mocktails of the week! Truth be told, I am not a huge drinker. I never turn down champagne or margaritas, but I’m not one of those pregnant women who whines for nine months about missing … Continue reading

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birthday spice cake.

Yesterday was Brett’s birthday (the big 3-2!). Naturally, there was cake. Birthday spice cake to be exact. You’ll remember that cooking and/or baking from scratch is on my list of things I don’t do, but lucky for Brett, I made … Continue reading

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apple crisp pizza and a caramel giveaway!

Apple crisp pizza is made up of all of my favorite things: apples, pie crust (sidenote: I hate pie, but I love pie crust), and of course, straight-off-the-farm hand-stirred caramel, compliments of Fat Toad Farm. I am always fascinated (good … Continue reading

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meal planning gives me hives.

In almost all aspects of life, I am a type-A, hyper-organized, call-me-Monica-Geller kind of girl. I say almost, because there is one area of daily routine where this attention to detail is severely lacking. That’s right; I’m talking about meal … Continue reading

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