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I somehow made it 2.5 years as a mom without so much as even acknowledging their existence. Scratch that—one time I almost got ran over by a couple of kids in the freezer aisle who came barreling past the frozen … Continue reading

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blue apron saves the day (or at least, dinner).

We were invited to try Blue Apron over the weekend—a meal delivery service that ships ready-to-make meals right to your doorstep. Since meal planning gives me hives, I obviously LOVED the idea. A box full of farm-fresh ingredients, perfectly proportioned with directions … Continue reading

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back at it.

The most awkward part about working for yourself is self promotion. Hey! Look at me! I wrote a blog post! Hey! Look at me! I’m on Huffpo! Hey! Look at me! I took some pretty pictures! See what I mean? Awkward as … Continue reading

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five little things on a friday.

1. I’m back on Coffee + Crumbs this week talking about marriage, co-parenting, and keeping our eyes on the prize. If you’ve ever fought with your spouse about whether or not your kid needs to wear socks to the park … Continue reading

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you just had a baby.

To: myself, and anyone else who needs to read this. You just had a baby. I know your jeans don’t fit. It sucks. I know you tried on seventeen pairs at Nordstrom Rack last week and almost cried in the … Continue reading

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