happy birthday, Everett!

Better late than never (my personal memory keeping mantra).

Can I confess something? Memory keeping stresses me the heck out. I have so many goals, so many ideas, so many plans……baby books, photo books, memory boxes. Everything is unfinished; I am always behind.

However. The one thing I have managed to do (albeit late, always) is put together a video of my kids on their birthday. My digital files are half organized, half plopped into a folder called To File, so I figure this way: if my house burns down, I’ll still have the best video clips of my kids’ childhoods saved in cohesive movies once a year. Thanks, Vimeo.

And with that, happy 4th birthday to my sweet Everett! He brought home a glowing report on his preschool evaluation, and just last week one of his teachers stopped me at drop-off to tell me what a joy it has been to have Everett in her class. I may have shed a tear (hey hormones).

Everett: you are a joy at preschool, you are a joy at home, you are a joy (almost) always. I love the sweet and considerate boy you are turning into, and could not be prouder of how wonderfully you’ve handled your role as big brother. You make every room brighter, and I pray you never stop saying “hi!” to strangers on the street. Your smile is contagious, and I love watching you interact with the world. I love you forever.

Everett Turns Four from Ashlee Gadd on Vimeo.

Song: And The Birds Sing by Tyrone Wells

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6 Responses to happy birthday, Everett!

  1. Paulette says:

    Dearest Ash and Everett –

    I started to cry before I hit play! These videos always make me cry and realize how fast time is passing!! Love you all, Mom

  2. Gretchen says:

    This is amazing! I should try it with my littles too … did you just compile it in iMovie? I’m kind of video dumb so would love any tips you have 🙂

    • Ashlee says:

      Yes! I taught myself how to use iMovie. I am not an expert in that app whatsoever – but I just pick a song, a handful of clips, and merge them all together chronologically! I don’t do any fancy transitions or any other tricks, just clips and music.

  3. Bita says:

    So sweet! I’d love to make something like this for my boys, I just never think to grab the video camera. And then the thought of putting together a movie… or babybook… seems like so much work and I procrastinate. My boys are almost 5 and 2.5, still don’t have baby books. I have a million pictures of each, but haven’t spent the time to organize it all and make something of it. Ah well.
    Were most of these clips shot with your iPhone?

  4. Ioana says:

    Oh my god they are so precious !! I know i’m a bit late but happy birthday Everett !

    I just discovered coffee and crumbs this last summer, and have been ADDICTED since.. thank you so much for this, to you and to all the writers, you’re all wonderful. You’ve done my mommy heart so much good.

    I have a 17 month old boy and looking at this video gave me so much excitement for the future, the more they grow the more fun it seems to be !!

    thank you thank you from a 25 year old momma living in Montreal

  5. Ioana says:

    And also your youngest son looks so much like my little one 🙂 this video really made me joyful and emotionnal hahah 🙂

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