you just had a baby.

To: myself, and anyone else who needs to read this.


You just had a baby.

I know your jeans don’t fit. It sucks. I know you tried on seventeen pairs at Nordstrom Rack last week and almost cried in the dressing room. I know you went to Gap after that and tried on fourteen other pairs and almost cried in that dressing room. I know the only thing you bought that day was a pair of sweatpants and a loose white t-shirt. It’s okay.

You just had a baby.

I know your to-do list is never finished. I know you’re worried about things like savings accounts and college funds and life insurance and making a will. You don’t need to do any of those things today. You’ll do them soon enough.

You just had a baby.

I know you’re trying to balance your dream job (which pays nothing, yet), and your regular job (which pays a little), and trying to figure out how to pay for daycare and how to find a daycare and how to not feel guilty about using a daycare. I know more than anything right now, you want help with your super active toddler who needs to run run run while you need to sit sit sit and breastfeed, again. It’s okay.

You just had a baby.

I know you’re trying to figure out how to cook meals that are not scrambled eggs and how to stop running out of milk at the end of the week and how to get your toddler to poop in the potty. I know you secretly just want 100 hours of babysitting so you can make a baby book and create a meal plan and go to Costco and organize your closet and shave your legs and write overdue thank you cards and clean off your desktop and cut your fingernails and vacuum every room and maybe, just maybe, watch a movie? With popcorn? And milk duds? It’s okay to wish for those things.

You just had a baby.

I know everyone is starting Whole30 and making 25 resolutions and setting goals and choosing One Word for the year. I know you’re eating peanut butter cups in the bathroom and making resolutions you don’t even think you’ll keep and trying to think of One Word that isn’t SURVIVE but it’s the One Word you keep coming back to because damn, this two-kid thing is hard.

I know you’re exhausted. And frustrated. And overwhelmed. And sleep deprived. And thankful. And grateful. And happy. And tired.

You just had a baby.

I know everything feels undone. I know being a grown-up sucks. I know your house is a mess. I know you have writer’s block. I know you feel behind. I know you wish you were superwoman. I know. I know.


You just had a baby.

So, let’s stop pretending like that didn’t just happen.
And let’s give you some grace and permission.

You don’t have to answer every e-mail, every text, or every invitation that comes your way. You don’t have to keep your house clean or make fancy dinners this week or plan your family vacation for the year. You don’t have to take your toddler to the dentist or figure out how to save for college right now.

Let it be.

Eat a bagel. Heck, eat two bagels. Let your baby nap on your chest. Pretend to be a dinosaur with your toddler. Go to Target by yourself and look at all the things. Watch Parenthood and cry a little. Go to brunch with your friends. Rest.

You’re fine.

And when you go to bed tonight thinking of the 63 items left on your to-do list, feeling unaccomplished and disappointed in yourself, I want you to repeat after me.

I. Just. Had. A. Baby.

A baby!

Relax. You’re doing great.


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  1. Jenina says:

    My baby is 12 days old…THANK YOU!

  2. Christine says:

    One of my favorite quotes is “Do the best you can, and then to hell with it.” You are doing the best you can, and you are KILLING IT in all spheres. Love love love from NYC!
    Christine´s last blog post ..Postcard from a Brooklyn Bridge sunrise

  3. Jen says:

    This is all so true! Even though my babies are 3 years old and 8 months old, it’s nice for the reminder every once in a while. Thanks so much!

  4. Oh I just love this and will be thinking of this constantly over the next couple weeks. Just what I needed!!
    natasha {schue love}´s last blog post ..Recent Purchases + $550 West Elm Giveaway!

  5. B W says:

    This is such a great post. You are doing amazing! HECK I still use this mantra and my “baby” is 9 months old!
    B W´s last blog post ..A Day I Never Want to Relive

  6. I freakin’ love you 😉 xoxo!
    Katie Blackburn´s last blog post ..spaces

  7. Jayme says:

    AMEN! We all need to be able to give ourselves grace now and then especially in the midst of mothering!

  8. Yes, I am sharing this for all my new momma friends. I needed some gentle advice when Reagan was a newborn, and even now, 6 months later, it feels good.
    Carrie Sunday´s last blog post ..sadness.

  9. Jill says:

    Such a nice reminder that can apply to so many seasons of change…you just {had a baby, started a new job, moved, etc}. A little grace goes a long way when things are so crazy. 🙂

  10. Nancy says:

    This about made me cry! (at work). My baby is a little of 9 months old, but I’m still feeling this way. Not enough time in the day to accomplish everything and see everyone. Instead of survive, my resolution is to give myself a little slack. Always easier said than done. Thank you for this! Much love to you and your family!

  11. Laken says:

    Gosh, I love this so much. So much.
    My heart so desperately needed to read these words today.
    Laken´s last blog post ..on breastfeeding.

  12. Laureen says:

    Thank you!! I’m RIGHT there with ya, going through most all of those things also. I just had a baby (#2) also, and I’m right there with ya. 🙂

  13. Julie S. says:

    I love this! I keep reminding myself this as well when I look around and see everything that is undone and all I want to do is lie down and hold him heh.
    Julie S.´s last blog post ..Hospital packing list

  14. I love, love love this. I shared it in 3 mom’s groups on facebook and am tempted to go post it on a dozen other pages. Good for you for giving yourself permission to say (write) this out-loud. I hope you hear yourself. I hope other moms hear this too. I have 1 and she’s 7 and there are days I need to remind myself that I’m raising a person, and doing a pretty good job, and that is great.

    Enjoy your babes.
    Katie @ Beyond the Clothing´s last blog post ..Get Organized in 2015

  15. What a beautiful post!

    You can substitite “you just had a baby” for just about anything like “you work full-time and you have twins” or “your elderly parents need you right now”, etc.

    Hey, SURVIVE sounds like a GREAT word for you.

  16. Sarah Maren says:

    Just so you know… this remains the same when you have an 8 year old and a 4 year old. And from what I can tell from my friends with 17 year olds and 13 year olds, it’s pretty much the same then too. Giving yourself grace and space and pancakes for dinner three nights in a row is the best thing you can do – not just for you, but your kids. Beautifully written, as always. 🙂
    Sarah Maren´s last blog post ..James Leo is Here! {Birth Portraits by Sarah Maren Photography}

  17. Tatiana says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for this Ashley!! I needed to read this, badly. My baby is three months old and my toddler is two and go, go, go!!! I’ve been surviving on handfuls of m&m’s and coffee, lots and lots of coffee. And kudos to you for writing something so wonderful and uplifting as well as juggling those two precious babies!! Hang in there! xoxo

  18. Danielle says:

    AMEN!! Love on that new little babe…and that toddler if you can catch him! You are doing amazing! xo

  19. Ruthie Dean says:

    Ashley, I’ve only burst into years two times in my life reading a blog post. And this is one of them! Thank you, thank you for the reminder I don’t have to be super (skinny) mom. I’m going to drink a glass of wine & watch modern family tonight. After all, I JUST HAD A BABY! 🙂

  20. molly says:

    Hi Ashlee! I LOVE this xoxo

  21. michelle says:

    Haha, this is great!
    michelle´s last blog post ..Goals for 2015

  22. I know the feeling. I went through the same thing when my youngest was born (they’re 22 months apart). It was so damn hard. Although it gets a bit easier (at least now that the youngest turned 3), somehow the struggle is still there. I’m hoping that once they’re both in elementary school I’ll have a life again.

    But you know, I’m so grateful that they have each other and it is a beautiful thing once they start playing together. Giving them a sibling is the best gift I’ve given them.

    Your hard work will pay off. It is so worth it.

  23. Mel says:

    love your writing ashlee, so heartfelt and inspiring x

  24. Melissa says:

    Hell yes I just had a baby. Love your post. Thank you for freeing me of my mummy guilt. Say no to trying on jeans and yes to more peanutbutter cups.

  25. Konnie Guy says:

    Hi Ashlee,

    I’m about a week out from having my first baby (if he’s on time) and while he’s not here yet, I really relate to a lot of the things you’ve said in this post (and many of your others). It can be easy to think that everyone has it all together and look at your own life and think what is wrong with me? I’ve had a bit of a rough pregnancy and my to do list before baby gets here is growing ever longer. I love coming and reading your posts and I’m so glad I’m not alone in feeling this way. Thanks for keeping it real 🙂

  26. Sarah says:

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

  27. Beka says:

    THANK YOU!! My baby Livi was born on 10/10, and man, I can so relate to this! Those thank you cards from 3 months ago has been staring me in the face everyday! Ugh, I’ll get to them sometime….and I’m watching Parenthood right now as I feed my babe. We just had babies!!! 🙂

  28. Nadine says:

    This is beautiful and I don’t even have kids. Like a few others have said, this post could apply to anyone going through any difficult time, and how important it is to give ourselves permission to not do it all. To act with grace… to ourselves… always such a hard thing. Thank you for your words.

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  31. Alicia says:

    I’ve yet to have a baby (first due in April!) so I can’t totally identify with these sentiments BUT I know that I will one day, and I’m bookmarking this page to reference when I’m feeling overwhelmed + tired + aching for “normal.” Thanks for sharing!
    Alicia´s last blog post ..THINGS THAT WE VALUE

  32. Katie says:

    I love this! My second is 7-months old and I am still telling myself “I just had a baby.” Thanks for writing and your boys are beautiful!

  33. SoYong says:

    I just cried… Thank you for your amazing post.. “Relax. You are doing Great” I just cried..

  34. Michelle says:

    This is perfect! I have a 6-week-old and a 2-year-old, and I have eaten my share of chocolate in the bathroom… Thank you for this!

  35. Sarah says:

    Oh my gosh, bless you Ashlee! I SO needed this☺ looking forward to reading through your blog. Lovely to meet you!
    Xo Sarah

  36. This is everything I needed to hear as I hold my 4 week old. Thank you.
    Alisha @ The Savvy Bump´s last blog post ..How to Get Free Shutterfly Photo Books

  37. Jennifer says:

    this was perfect for me to read! I had a baby 3 weeks ago! I have a toddler. I have an endless to-do list. And Parenthood has been distracting me from my huge to-do list that I can’t get to because she is nursing around the clock . Thanks for this great read. Best of luck! In a few months we WILL feel human again!

  38. Ashley says:

    I have a 12 year old girl, a 14 year old boy, and a 4 month old. I can zip up my old jeans, but they don’t button yet. I went to the gap with an arm full of jeans and none fit and I sat on the bench in there in the unbottoned jeans and cried. I walked out with my head down and my husband said “you just had a baby”. I watch Parenthood and forget about everything the day threw at me because I just had a baby. I wander the aisles of target alone at 9pm and never buy more than a sweater because my boobs are so big even shirts don’t fit because I just had a baby. Today I read your blog entry and I felt as if you wrote it specifically for me. People have been telling me “you just had a baby” and I always say “I know, I know,” bUT I didn’t truly accept it until 5 minutes ago. You are beautiful aND I am beautiful, our babies are beautiful. It’s okay to be late, say no to abother party invite, leave the dishes, let my older kids stay up late and eat a can of whip cream on national whip cream day, because I deserve rest and laughter. I deserve to sit and spoil my kids with my UNDIVIDED attention. The dishes can wait, my clothes will still be there when my body is ready for them. I just had a baby. So thank you for putting that into a mirror image perspective of my own life. God bless you.

  39. G says:

    I’m happy to play devils advocate when I can… You just “had a baby” and you are bitching? Why because it makes you feel less alone in your insecurities to share them?
    Yes, I am a mother. It never occurred to me to judge myself for such things as my child bearing body weight. Or ponder about how this being might inconvenience my shopping or crafting schedule. You had how many months to accept such minor decision making.
    What about the gratitude for the wellbeing of your kiddo? Or your ability to embrace the monumentous feat many don’t have the opportunity of experiencing.
    But. But what? If you are weighing your self worth as a mother by, well, just that; anything measurable or comparable to others, I feel for you.
    Women have been giving birth for how long? You are depreciating this honor by thinking of yourself as unaccomplished on a much smaller scale, or whatever you choose to feel. Yes choose.

    • Women don’t give up permission to stop having feelings about themselves when they start having kids. You can be grateful for your children AND still hard on yourself about the things you miss/aren’t doing/should be doing/want to do. Wanting to better yourself doesn’t negate your feelings of love or gratitude for your child(ren). Why are you “happy” to play devil’s advocate on a personal, powerful piece about one woman’s very personal, powerful, not-at-all-uncommon, totally permissible feelings? If it makes you “happy” to guilt & tear down an honest, trying-her-hardest, sharing-it-with-the-world woman, perhaps you should reconsider what kind of person you are, because that sure is a bizarre place to find happiness.
      Kate @´s last blog post ..How to Have a Sick Day

    • Ashlee says:

      The hardest part about writing on the Internet is this.

      I sit down at my computer for one hour on a Monday afternoon where I pour my feelings out onto the keyboard. Those feelings represent a moment in time during one day of one week of one month of one year of my entire life. They do not represent me as a whole person. They do not represent all of my feelings about motherhood or define me as a mother. Yet, those are all assumptions you have made based off a few sentences.

      This post was written to be shared among mothers who are in a similar life phase as me, who can read these words and smile and say, “I feel that way, too.”

      Judging by the other comments (here, Facebook, Instagram, Huffpost, Scary Mommy, etc), I can safely say that a) this blog post accomplished that, and b) it was not written for you. It was written for them. And while you are always welcome to read my writing and even welcome to disagree with me, please note: this is MY writing home and I will not be disrespected here.

    • Brett says:

      Hi G – I’ll play Devil’s Advocate too and assume that your comment is just coming from a very bad place; perhaps this is a rough time in your life? If so, I hope you feel better soon and are able to enjoy this writing like so many others seem to be doing.

      If it is simply that you love to be “that girl” behind the anonymous “G” who likes to leave rude comments on people’s personal blogs – well that’s your own prerogative but it’s not welcome here.

  40. Dana says:

    thank you for the reminder <3

  41. Love this, Ashley. Go easy on yourself, treat yourself well, & be proud of yourself. YOU JUST HAD A BABY.
    Kate @´s last blog post ..How to Have a Sick Day

    Kate @´s last blog post ..How to Have a Sick Day

  43. I found this on Huffington Post and LOVE it! I shared with a bunch of my friends who also just had babies. My daughter is 5 weeks old and it’s tough the two kid thing. You are an amazing writer and photographer.

  44. N says:

    I will try and remember this when my lil man finally appears into the world.
    14 weeks to go !

  45. Lt says:

    Thank you!!! This was freakibg brilliant. Everything u wrote I am feeling right now, my baby is 3 days old & my toddler is 3 years old & am feeling super overwhelmed right now, not too mention dealing with HUGE painful boobs! Let’s not forget those boobs. Anyhoo, true words that certainly rang true for me, thanks again.

  46. Kathryn says:

    Speaking as a mother of a 3 month old and a just turned 3 year old, as a writer and a day-job salary earner, as a woman with ambitions and passions and goals…

    Thank you. With every fibre in my being, thank you.

  47. Heather says:

    Having two kids 4 and 7, a lot of this doesn’t change and these words still resonate with my day to day. As a writer, mother, wife, and sometimes my own self, it’s a tug of war in my head but at the end of the day I hold onto the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson:
    “Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day.”
    Thank you for your words!

  48. Thank you. That’s all. 🙂

  49. Kathryn says:

    I read this last night as I had just (finally!) put down my 2 year old and my 4 month old. My 4 month old has his first ear infection and had screamed for the past 12 hours and I as I shut his door and looked at the disaster my house was…I felt completely defeated.

    This was so perfect and so timely that I want to make it my mantra. THANK YOU for putting into words what so many women feel.

  50. Elise says:

    THANK YOU! I’m due with my first in July and this makes me feel a little bit less overwhelmed about the first few days/weeks/months. I had originally found your blog while searching for nursery ideas. I loved Carson’s as inspiration if it was a boy (we just found out we’re having a girl tho). I kept checking back and have found that I really love what you write. It’s inspirational, funny and REAL. I don’t have a lot of friends with kids so I know I’ll be checking back often for support. Thank you again 🙂

  51. Beth says:

    Can I substitute ‘you’re growing a baby?’ I’m 27 weeks pregnant, and have 2 boys, 4 & 3. Some days I’m celebrating that I took a shower because that’s all I did!

    • Mommy of Three-ish says:

      You are me! How are you doing it? #3 is a shocker, my oldest is about to be 4 and youngest will be 3 before baby arrives. I’m overwhelmed at the thought of being an at home mom of 3 as being a stsy at home mom wasn’t part of the plan but became a necessity a few months back. My stress level is thru the roof and my anxiety and we aren’t a full 8wks yet! Ahhhhhhhh!
      I did love reading this though.

      • Meredith R. says:

        I have a 4 yr old, a 3 yr old and a 7 week old. Yall, three kids is a whole new ball game!

        This article is spot on! I swear she’s spying on me because every little detail is absolutely, positively true… All the way down to eating peanut butter cups (except mine are of the egg variety because they’re leftovers from Easter) to watching Parenthood to keep me awake during breastfeeding sessions. To playing dinosaur with my son and making fairy magic appear all over with my daughter to letting the newborn nap on my chest because I don’t care he doesn’t nap in his crib – he will someday and I know that “someday” will be here tomorrow.

        To my desk that I can’t find the bottom to, and the burnt dinners we’ve had for two weeks and the longing for just three extra minutes in the shower so I can shave my whole legs, not just to my knees!

        To the thank you cards I’m getting to, six weeks later, and the emails I just can’t respond as quickly as people want me to.

        To being in that awkward postpartum stage where you can’t wear maternity jeans but your other jeans are too small and there just isn’t a pair you try on that fits “right” and living in basic t-shirts because it’s easier.

        I just had a baby.

  52. Michelle says:

    Thank you.. I’ve read this 3 times today and cried (ugly cried) each time. It’s like you’ve been in my house watching me. But you’re right, I just had a baby and I’m working full time. She is happy and healthy so it’s ok that I’m 15 pounds heavier than I’d like to be and that my hair is a a day (or 3) old. I just had a baby and she’s pretty stinking awesome! Thank god for blog posts when you needed to see them most.

  53. Anna says:

    Thank you very much. I needed that.

  54. Melissa says:

    I just had a baby (5 months ago!) and I also have a 20 month old. So although I’m not in EXACTLY the same place as you,this resonated loud and clear with me.

    So much, yes and yes and yes!

  55. Jamie says:

    I am 21 weeks pregnant with my first baby so I haven’t experienced all of these feelings yet…but these feelings are what I worry about. I worry about not being ok with what I am and am not able to do after this baby comes. But thank you for this, my mantra come May will be, “I just had a baby”. I might write it on my mirror and I know I will be saying to myself a billion times a day. 🙂

  56. Malika says:

    Thank you. I’ve read this 5x and posted it on Facebook. It feels like you were in my head. This made me cry and laugh. Thank you so much.

  57. timie says:

    Thank you.

    Simple as that – from me, my 23 month old and my 7 week old.

    Thank you.

  58. Anne says:

    THIS! All day this! Thank you Ashlee for your magical words. I’ll be reading this to myself often when baby number two comes, and probably cry just as much as I did reading it the first time
    Anne´s last blog post ..Boy or Girl?

  59. megan says:

    I need to read this each time I’m feeling overwhelmed. Thank you for the reminder. We forget sometimes we’re not Superheroes.

  60. Liv says:

    I’m not even pregnant and can’t make the decision to have a baby because of all these thoughts, worrying too much about what it will be like. So scared of the unknown. Well done to all mum’s out there. And thanks for these beautiful wise words.

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  62. Sarah says:

    I love this. It’s so true! And there is such a fine line between this and postpartum depression… I didn’t know where that line was when my second was born and it took me a long, long time to talk to my doctor. I was afraid he’d tell me I had to start taking meds that would prevent me from breastfeeding. I have friends who were afraid to talk to their doctor for fear of having to talk with Child Protective Services. But there is help that is both healthy and not intrusive. And so for anyone reading this who identifies so strongly but then also feels like “it’s so overwhelming… and I’m FAILING at everything” – that’s the line. Err on the safe side and talk to your doctor. You may have a vitamin deficiency, you may have an unnatural hormone imbalance, or you maybe just need someone to babysit so you can sleep a few extra hours. Your doctor/midwife/medical person can help.

  63. Bita says:

    Thanks, I needed that 🙂

    “Go to Target by yourself and look at all the things. Watch Parenthood and cry a little.”… Target is definitely my “me” time, and I watch Parenthood every Thursday night (SO sad it’s coming to an end!) and cry A LOT! 🙂

  64. Jessah says:

    What a great post, Ashlee! I saw it on Huffington Post blog…congrats.

  65. ewhatley says:

    Take it from an old woman who has lived a long life, your baby and your toddler will not remember, or even care, that your jeans fit, that every email was answered, that every meal was perfect, that the laundry was never piled up, that the end tables were dusty, etc., etc., etc. They (and your husband) will remember that they were the most important things in your life and they were loved. And isn’t that the most important thing of all?

    • Brett says:

      My dad told me he loved me multiple times a day; our boys will always know they’re loved, too. I think this post was a version of what you said only targeted at a specific period of time in parenting when it seems difficult not to be extra hard on yourself.

    • Jen says:

      Perfectly put

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  67. Susan M. says:

    Oh those early months are so hard. This is so well said and speaks to what so many of us feel like at that time. Thank you for sharing

  68. Lauren says:

    Hey Ashlee, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now but have never commented on anything. Today’s the day! I recently (8 weeks ago- holy cow time does fly even though some days are SO SLOW) had my second baby. We have a two year old and going from one to two has totally rocked our world again, just like it did the first time around. Throw in a move 4 months ago, 7 hours away from where we’ve lived the entirety of our marriage and you could say some days I don’t even know if I’m going to make it through. But reading your blog always leaves me nodding my head and thinking to myself that I’m not crazy 🙂 So thank you for that!!

  69. Rachel says:

    My dad always said “little kids little problems, big kids big problems” cherish every moment!

  70. Emine says:

    I couldn’t have said it better. I have a 4 1/2 year old who wants to play, play, play! And a 2 month old who wants to nurse, nurse, nurse! Sometimes I feel I’m being tugged in many directions all at once, and I’m lucky to grab that bagel or trim my nails ( so true!). At the end of the day though when I see my children smile it’s worth everything I won’t get to do today or tomorrow because I’ll never get that day back when they are that little again.

  71. says:

    Thank you for your words. Transitioning to a mom of two this past summer has been a challenge, complete with the breakdown at Gap over jeans! We all need to cut ourselves some slack, including our family members who have forgotten just how crazy the baby stage can be!
    Thank you so much!

  72. Marion says:

    I am 25 weeks pregnant with our first baby and as most expectant women do, wonder how I am going to do when baby is here… worry about feeling overwhelmed and under-achieving. I am doing a lot of sophrology and mindfulness throughout my pregnancy to learn to be gentler and kinder with myself, to go with the flow and not give myself a hard time if I am not perfect, if the house isn’t clean, if I haven’t got around to inviting people for dinner yet, if if if…etc… Your post is a beautiful reminder of all this and I have bookmarked it to come and read it again and again when baby is here and I feel all over the place. Thank you for your words 🙂

  73. Rochelle says:

    Wow. Thank you so much – this is so fantastic!! Even though I had a baby a year and a half ago – whenever I think of trying for another one it sends me into a swirl of panic and fear. Like how can I ever manage TWO?! Sometimes just the one has me spinning and going so crazy I can’t see straight. This was such a good reminder to me during this phase as well. I know this will be such an important read for so many! Thank you for sharing your heart in this!!
    Rochelle´s last blog post ..In the Illness Trenches

  74. Cadie says:

    This is awesome! I had my daughter 7 months ago. My son is 8 years old. In many respects I felt like I was starting over. I also babysit my 2.5-year-old twin nephews a few days a week and most days I feel that getting my son to school on time is my only accomplishment. I start working full-time soon, so the daycare part brought on the tears because I am right there.

  75. Sarah says:

    Love this post. I have a just-turned-two year old and am expecting my second in two months. You have described my life already and I admit to moments of panic and terror about what is to come! But then I take a moment to watch the miracle that is my daughter and how quickly she is growing and try to remind myself to savour these precious moments (even the not so precious potty training poo accidents). Although it feels at times that I have lost a bit of “me”, I have gained a whole new world of wonder through my child(ren). Well said.

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  77. Natalie Klemek says:

    I just happened upon your site through the ugly nursing bras … Couldn’t agree more!! Hate all of mine and don’t want to dish out hundreds of dollar dollar bills for more nursing bras that really don’t fit all that great but …
    I love love love and NEEDED a to read this post. I gave birth to my second son almost four months ago. And it’s definitely been quite the challenge figuring out how to navigate these unknown waters of two boys (my oldest is four years old). And that to do list is never done … Drives me crazy! Thanks for writing this post because it really helps me feel a little less alone in this adventure of motherhood.

  78. Dani says:

    I hope it’s okay that I’m blogging about this post. I’m fairly sure you’ve been watching me for the past few weeks. 😉 Thank you for your love… and even more for sharing it with us who need it. And who feel like you’re speaking directly to us!

    <3, Dani
    Dani´s last blog post ..A COUSIN! 🙂

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  81. Alejandra Parbtani says:

    Beautifully written!!!

  82. Hillary says:

    I saved this post to look back on after my second came, and I’m glad I did. My house is a SERIOUS disaster, and I keep comparing myself to other moms I know who (seem to) have everything together… But I really did just have a baby (2 months ago) and it’s gonna take some time (years?) to get on top of everything! Thank you, thank you for making me tear up again and feel better about everything.

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