nine months old.


Why yes, that IS a bruise in the middle of Everett’s forehead. He got a little too excited dancing on the couch and bumped his head on the windowsill. He cried; he’s fine.

The biggest accomplishment from this month is Ev’s stair-climbing abilities. That kid can climb 16 steps in just a few minutes. He always brings one toy with him, carefully placing it on the next step before pulling himself up. I think he’s on a quest to move all of the toys from downstairs to the upstairs so he can hoard them in his crib. Good luck, buddy.

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11 Responses to nine months old.

  1. Jacki says:

    How adorable that he’s bringing toys up the stairs with him. Happy 9 months little buddy!
    Jacki´s last blog post ..Tuesday Flowers

  2. Faith says:

    This photo series is such a brilliant idea, Ashlee! He is growing up so fast. What a cute little guy!
    Faith´s last blog post ..Morning, v.3

  3. Your baby eats risotto? I love it!! My favorite food. 🙂
    Megan C. Stroup´s last blog post ..International Badge Day 2013

  4. SO impressed by his stair crawling abilities! He’s such a handsome little fella…can’t believe he’s 9 months already!!
    natasha {schue love}´s last blog post ..Baby Ethan: 36 Weeks

  5. Claire says:

    I say this all the time, but oh my gosh he is CUTE!
    Claire´s last blog post ..Magnolias and Sunlight

  6. Jill says:

    Happy 9 months! What a handsome little man!
    Jill´s last blog post ..She Laughed!!! …. almost

  7. How can this guy not make you smile?! 🙂

  8. michelle says:

    How is he 9 months already? What a sweet boy!
    michelle´s last blog post ..An Announcement

  9. diana says:

    already?? #_#

    Also, he’s going to be a foodie when he grows up! risotto!
    diana´s last blog post ..100cameras

  10. Becky says:

    “Cautious of the vacuum cleaner” – love it!

    I know I say this every month when you post these but time is just flying – can’t believe he’ll be a year in three months!!!!
    Becky´s last blog post ..A little break

  11. Lottie says:

    when did he become a toddler? he is growing up so quickly!
    Lottie´s last blog post ..king henry’s mound, richmond park

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