oh, the places you’ll go – everett’s nursery tour.

Welcome to Everett’s nursery! As soon as we found out Everett was a boy, I knew I wanted to do a travel theme with airplanes and maps in his room. In the six years Brett and I have lived in this house, we have never put so much effort into one of our bedrooms. I vividly remember sitting on the floor in that room, big and pregnant, painting a globe and cutting map triangles while Brett hung up the paper lanterns. The nursery became my sweet escape while I was pregnant; whether I was shopping for airplanes or painting globes or folding teeny tiny onesies to put away in his dresser, all of it made me feel closer to Everett. I loved scouring the web and local thrift stores for unique treasures and watching the room come together week after week. And now he’s here, 12 weeks old today, and his room is still my favorite room in the whole house. I can’t wait for him to get a little older so he can really enjoy it.

Here’s where we bought everything…

Crib & rocker: Buy Buy Baby
Dresser & bookshelf: Craigslist
Chalkboard globe, paper cloud mobile, map fans, map lampshade, map bunt banner: DIY
Map clock: Pottery Barn Kids
My Roots Lie Here Print: Children Inspire
Aviator teddy bear: Amazon
Airplane blueprint crib quilt: made by Everett’s Great Grandmother from this fabric ordered from Spoonflower
Paper lanterns: Paper Lantern Store
Burlap hanging lampshade: Cost Plus
Map pillow: IKEA
Vintage airplane music box: 57th Antique Row

Over-the-crib collage;
Square vintage airplane photos: Charlene Precious
“Learn To Fly” tin sign: Street vendor in NYC
“Travel the World” print: Jennifer Pugh Studios
Personalized Ashlee & Brett Greece map print: Define Design 11
Aviation Calendar: Vintage, circa 1962 (from Brett’s grandfather)
“Oh the places you’ll go” print and “E” map sign: DIY
Paper airplane embroidery: homemade gift from my best friend Lauren

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37 Responses to oh, the places you’ll go – everett’s nursery tour.

  1. Molly says:

    So very cute! Fantastic job!
    Molly´s last blog post ..Walls Coming Down

  2. Sarabell says:

    This is just too perfect! We have talked about doing a travel-themed nursery today since we’re such avid travelers. I just absolutely love this.
    Sarabell´s last blog post ..Currently

  3. Jasmine says:

    Awww! I love it!! Especially the framed fans near your rocker. Those are so pretty! Is the shelf on the wall from Craigslist? If so, do you know where it was originally purchased? I love it! It’s so perfect for children’s books!

  4. Alli Moore says:

    Beyond cute friend! It was fun seeing all of the details in person. Can’t wait to see the little man soon, it’s been too long.

  5. Kelli Breton says:

    Ashlee, I must apologize to you in advance because I am going to steal this idea…every little thing from the lamp to the teddy bear for future baby boy Breton’s room! I actually want it to be my room!! Seriously though, this is the cutest nursery I have ever seen. Every little detail has thought put into it and it’s all just perfect! Hope you are proud of your hard work! Sooooo cute!

  6. WOW! What an amazing room. Not that it needs anything at all, but I happened to read a blog post from How About Orange (one of my faves) right before coming here that featured this adorable felt hot air balloon mobile, and figured I’d pass it along since it fits the theme. 🙂

    You have a blessed little boy.
    Brynna (Brynna Begins)´s last blog post ..Praise the good Lord for…

  7. Allison says:

    ADORABLE!!! I love it. Done so well, Ashlee. I’ve been loving your posts lately, too. Even though I don’t have kids yet…I tear up a little and am excited for when the time comes.

  8. jackie says:

    oh my gosh, i love this so much. what an awesome idea for a theme! i hope he loves this as much as we all do.
    jackie´s last blog post ..guest post diaries: Diana

  9. Caroline says:

    omg I LOVE this!! What an awesome theme, you guys did such a great job!
    Caroline´s last blog post ..Photo school

  10. Lacey says:

    this is quite possibly my favorite nursery I haw ever seen. beautiful! c:

  11. Michelle says:

    Wow Ashlee, every detail is fantastic, from the bear in the flight attire to the SAS calendar and Learn to Fly posters. Color me impressed!!
    Michelle´s last blog post ..Synchronized Diving

  12. Gina says:

    His nursery is amazing! GREAT JOB! 😀
    Gina´s last blog post ..Baby Fever

  13. erin says:

    This is a beautiful nursery. I love it!
    erin´s last blog post ..July Observations

  14. Brett says:

    Man those walls look great … love the color .. who painted those? Outstanding!

  15. diana says:

    I’m okay with this being my room.

    This looks amazing, Ashlee!
    diana´s last blog post ..August Break 2012

  16. Faith says:

    You did a beautiful job decorating his room!
    Faith´s last blog post ..We’re off…

  17. Christine says:

    I know this is a nursery and all, but I pretty much wish I could swap the crib for a double bed and make this my room. LOVE all of it and am definitely going to be stealing some ideas (and picking your brain for more!) when I set up my (obviously) travel-themed apartment 🙂
    Christine´s last blog post ..The best of the French Riviera, via Instagram

  18. What a beautiful space! And I love the travel theme. It will inspire him to fill up his passport with stamps from all over the globe.

  19. Kathleen says:

    This is perfect. Our daughter’s room is the only one in our house that feels “complete” and it is definitely my favorite. I love to hang out with her in there. I’ve had to move things around a lot (especially on the shelves) as she’s gotten older and mobile. But changing it up is really fun to do too!
    Kathleen´s last blog post ..Meredith’s First Birthday Party

  20. Anna says:

    Oh Ashlee, this is the absolute BEST idea of a theme for a baby boy’s room. I LOVE it. Every little piece of it. Great job!
    Anna´s last blog post ..{5 Things I Loved About This Weekend}

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  22. Jessica says:

    I particularly love all of the map details. 🙂
    Jessica´s last blog post ..Warming Up My Cold Feet

  23. venessa says:

    Amazing nursery! I can’t find the rocker you have on the buy buy baby website, any help finding it specifically? I’m expecting twins in June =)

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  26. Bolanle says:

    If I’m going to have more kids,I will love to steal this idea.The room is so cute.

  27. Allie says:

    It looks great! Do you mind sharing the paint color?

  28. Brianne Hamblen says:

    Would love to know paint color as well. Amazing room!

  29. Leah Kerbs says:

    So cute!! I’m doing a map/oh the places you’ll go theme for my little guys big boy room (he will be 2 this summer)!! Do you mind sharing the paint color?

  30. Nichole says:

    I LOVE everything you did with this nursery! We’re having a little girl and I’m trying to recreate your set up with pink and hearts as the theme but it’s just not turning out as nicely =(. Great job though! Your nursery has been my nursery inspiration from the beginning!!

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  32. Emily says:

    This is exactly what I’m doing for my baby boy due in May! My husband and I are both military brats and we’ve traveled a lot in our lives so I knew a travel theme would be perfect for us. I LOVE the rocker but I can’t find it on the buy buy baby website. Does the rocker have a specific name? Thanks!!

  33. Antoinette says:

    Hey the nursery is amazing! I’m dying to know the paint color of the walls!?!

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