ten days in.

Everett is ten days old today. I love him so much I can hardly stand it.

I love being a mom, and perhaps even more than that, I love watching Brett be a dad. He changed his very first diaper at the hospital last week and has changed about 57 diapers since then. I’m fairly positive we have laughed harder and more often in the past ten days than the past six months. It hurts my incision when I laugh but I don’t even care. Giggling over Everett’s little antics is worth a sore scar.

Our days have changed drastically. This is the second time I have opened my computer in ten days. I am perfectly content lying on the couch for hours at a time just staring at this beautiful life next to me. I love watching his sleepy smiles and listening to his little baby sighs. A few days ago, I pulled him out of his bassinet during a nap so I could hold him instead. I told Brett I missed him. He said, “Go get him. You’re his mom. It’s okay.”

I’m his mom. He’s my baby.

Ten days in, I don’t have very much figured out, but I do know one thing for certain—God created me to be a mother. Let the adventures begin.

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  1. susan najera says:

    He is absolutely adorable. Or should I say handsome! His features are so defined. He looks like a little man already. Your post brought tears to my eyes as I remember those days fondly. My babies are 8 and 6 now and my advice to you is to enjoy it and yes, grab him from his bassinet even if he is sleeping! You are his momma! So happy for your growing family. 🙂

  2. robyn says:

    cuteness-glad things are going well
    robyn´s last blog post ..More about my ‘Feel Good’ weekend

  3. Sarabell says:

    Congrautlations Ashlee and Brett! He is so precious! Maybe it’s just me, but I think he looks a lot like Daddy!
    So happy for you both and loving these little tidbits!
    Sarabell´s last blog post ..Provo, Utah

  4. Amy says:

    This made me tear up. I’m so happy for you. Can I meet him when you’re ready? I’d love to visit <3

  5. Sig says:

    He is absolutely beautiful….enjoy these days 🙂
    Sig´s last blog post ..Weekend Reading

  6. Saskia says:

    Such a cute boy – and I can totally relate to every single word!
    Children are the greatest gift ever, enjoy it with all your heart and soul!

  7. Anna says:

    I cannot get over how beautiful he is! So very happy for you both! I am loving your instagrams by the way.
    Anna´s last blog post ..super pup.

  8. Samantha Jo says:

    He is too adorable 🙂 Enjoy every second!
    Samantha Jo´s last blog post ..25 weeks!

  9. Kayla Sue says:

    i love how you said “God created me to be a mother.” i feel that way a lot of times. i have truly loved reading about your journey and am so happy for you right now. you are going to be a terrific mother. blessing on your family.
    Kayla Sue´s last blog post ..this week…

  10. Jaclyn says:

    Congratulations Ashlee! Everett is such a cutie and his eyes are beautiful! Enjoy every second you can. The time goes by so fast when they are little.
    Jaclyn´s last blog post ..A Jaunt with Jack Daniels: my favorite whiskey!

  11. Faith says:

    You captured some sweet moments. Everett is such a cutie! I love his nose. 🙂
    Faith´s last blog post ..Café Ba-Ba-Reba

  12. Alli Moore says:

    Ah, I’m so happy for you friend! Congrats again to you and Brett. He is beyond adorable and I can’t wait to meet him next week.

  13. Paulette Hawes says:

    Hi Ash –

    These pictures have truly captured what I have seen of you, Brett and Everett on the days I have visited. Your smiles and every time you kiss Everett’s little face or hand are just precious to see.

    Love you all so much and love being a Grandma!!

  14. Michelle says:

    Absolutely beautiful and amazing! Congratulations! Love the pic of Brett and Everett. Now that is priceless!

  15. Lisamarie says:

    Oh my gosh.. ten days in and he is still perfect! I can’t imagine the feeling of realizing that your baby is just that – YOUR baby. I love all my friends kids and I always just want to scoop them up and squeeze and kiss them or pick them up while they are sleeping just becuase. But as close as I am to these kids in my life, they aren’t my kids. I can’t hardly wait until I have my own!

  16. Megan says:

    You and Brett did a great job, Ashlee! 😉 Seriously, he is a beautiful baby. I can’t wait to hear about his birth and how you’re recovering and adjusting to being a mom, but it looks like you were made for it. In the meantime, enjoy that sweet face!
    Megan´s last blog post ..somewhatvoluble: @san_in_ca Ohh, haha. Well, I miss my blog and the community, but I don’t feel like I have enough to say to go back to it.

  17. Britty says:

    Oh, my sweet friend. He is an absolute angel. I can’t wait to meet him next week!
    Britty´s last blog post ..POSTCARD FROM 1952

  18. Shari says:

    I love everything about this post – the pictures are absolutely amazing. I couldn’t be happier for you and Brett and can’t wait to meet the little man soon 🙂 xo

  19. Liz says:

    This post made me cry happy tears. I am so in love with your family. I can’t wait to meet him! I know you’re busy but I’m going to call you soon so I can hopefully come over!
    Liz´s last blog post ..The Girl Who Went Boom

  20. what a beautiful family and little baby
    Julie@my5monkeys´s last blog post ..Shadow and Bone Book Review

  21. Allie says:

    What a stud! These pictures are precious!
    Allie´s last blog post ..A letter to my Grandma

  22. Congratulations, Ashlee! He is perfect. I am so happy for you.
    Nicole Geurin, RD´s last blog post ..Better Health in Your Own Backyard

  23. Kim says:

    I am so, so, so, so happy for you. I can’t wait to read him more =-)
    Kim´s last blog post ..Another Year Older and Deeper in… Life

  24. Maggy says:

    Oh I am completely smitten with this post, it’s just how I would have imagined. I am so genuinely happy for you, to have so much love and to have the perfect little person to spend it on…what a gift 🙂

  25. Helen says:

    How wonderful !! Congratulations !!! He is adorable. Enjoy the life as a family and I hope you will recover soon.

  26. elise says:

    oh yay!! he looks just perfect and love your thoughts on these first few days. xo.

  27. nikkiana says:

    He is just too precious! Congratulations, mama!
    nikkiana´s last blog post ..Authentic Experience Has a New Look!

  28. carter mills says:

    he is beautiful, and the photos of you and brett with him are absolutely heart melting!

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