oh snap, it’s a boy.

On Saturday, my mom and friends threw me the best baby shower ever. It was lovely and perfect and so….me. I don’t think I say this enough on here, and I hate to brag, but I really do have the greatest friends on the planet. Shower highlights: my bff flying all the way up from LA to attend, cameras galore, super delicious cake, lots of thoughtful gifts, and a special love letter from my husband to accompany HIS gift, which was everything in this post (even the dress!). What a guy.

We spent the rest of Saturday night putting gifts away and marveling at all the teeny tiny baby clothes. I can’t believe we get to meet our son in just a few more weeks! Ahhhh!

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  1. Olivia says:

    What a great shower! and a seriously thoughtful husband! :]
    Olivia´s last blog post ..Chicago – Yolk.

  2. Sarabell says:

    I love this! What a perfect theme!
    Sarabell´s last blog post ..The US Bucket List

  3. robyn says:

    very sweet theme
    robyn´s last blog post ..Shake, rattle and roll

  4. Natalie says:

    What a great theme! And what a thoughtful husband you have
    Natalie´s last blog post ..Registering in San Francisco

  5. Elle says:

    Looks like you were thoroughly loved over the weekend. There is nothing better than being loved for the occasion of your baby’s arrival. All the best!
    Elle´s last blog post ..29.

  6. wishcake says:

    Such a sweet shower idea! And your dress is gorgeous. As are you.
    wishcake´s last blog post ..on playing catch-up…

  7. jackie says:

    to echo all of the ladies up there, what an adorable theme. it is just perfect for you 🙂 and your husband, with the love note and the perfect gifts, what a winner. glad you had such a wonderful time and have such wonderful friends to support you in such exciting times!
    jackie´s last blog post ..Agape gets washed. and then we need a shower.

  8. That’s about the cutest thing i’ve ever seen! Congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy!

  9. My “babies” are now 6, 6 and 10… but I still totally want that camera onesie! The cuteness is killing me. Where did you find it?

    Beautiful shower, beautiful mom-to-be. Enjoy every minute!
    Dawn (KitchenTravels)´s last blog post ..Buckwheat Pancakes with Caramelized Apples and Orange Syrup {Gluten-Free}

  10. Liz says:

    I’m so sad I couldn’t make it 🙁 I haven’t even had a chance to call and apologize, but I ended up having to meet my parents to drop off a replacement door to my old apartment. I know, random right? Anyway, I owe you your gift and a walk soon, before baby boy Gadd arrives?!
    Liz´s last blog post ..These Days

  11. kelly ann says:

    So perfect. <3
    kelly ann´s last blog post ..may.

  12. Kimberly says:

    this is so wonderful!! Congratulations again, Ashlee!

  13. cessie says:

    Oh wow… such a great collage of photos! Made me smile this morning 🙂
    Looks like a great shower to me. We don’t have the custom of baby showers here and I so like the idea.
    cessie´s last blog post ..Happy Easter weekend

  14. Aw, what a sweet party! 🙂 You do have great friends!
    jennifer blair´s last blog post ..When God closes the door…

  15. Jess says:

    this is awesome!!!!! I might have to borrow the idea for a friend’s shower!!! Enjoy getting ready for you sweet baby boy! Can’t wait to see pictures of his room!
    Jess´s last blog post ..the salad dressing that changed my life

  16. Kelly says:

    Your shower looks amazing! I love the pictures! What are those photos with the “oh snap” tags? Are those notecards?
    Kelly´s last blog post ..New York State of Mind

  17. Katie says:

    What a beautiful shower! So sweet!
    Katie´s last blog post ..Little Bits of Happiness #6 – Dandelion

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