if i could add these to my baby registry, i would.

pedicures (see: me time) / confessions of a concealaholic (to combat tired eyes) / pretty dress (to hide post-baby weight) / Veev Acai liquor (hello summer cocktails) / go girl energy drinks (how I’ve missed you!) / yoga classes (to get rid of said post-baby weight)

I know, baby registries are for babies. I get it. Our little boy is going to be fully stocked with the latest and greatest clothes, toys, and gadgets. But don’t you think mommas deserve a little love too? Anyone? Bueller? If I could add these items to my baby registry without being judged, I most certainly would. Call me selfish, but I think baby registries should have a small “mommy” section too.

{ Please note: if you want to sneak a few go girl energy drinks into my diaper cake, I will kiss you. On the mouth. }

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  1. Sarabell says:

    I DO think Mamas should get a little something! I mean, really, how hard is it to just lie around being cute all day after somebody else does all the work?!
    Sarabell´s last blog post ..Ah, a day off.

  2. SushiMama says:

    I’m with ya! Maybe these would be good “push presents” that hubby could get you?
    SushiMama´s last blog post ..26 weeks!

  3. Angie says:

    Girl, I totally think you should include these on your registry! Or make a mommy registery. You are GROWING A HUMAN! You deserve a little somethin-somethin’. I can totally get behind all of these choices… I just wish wish wish Utah had Go Girly energy!!! Ever since I first heard you talking about such a delicious sounding drink I’ve wanted one, and I’ve even checked MACEY’S (they have everything Wal-Mart doesn’t) and no luck. Boo!
    Angie´s last blog post ..Vampirism Monday

  4. I’d love it if I saw something fun for the parents on a baby registry! When my husband and I got married, we added a couple fun things (such as zebra peep-toe heels for me!) to our wedding registry. We didn’t think anyone would get these non-house related things for us, but after the wedding date everything not yet purchased on the registry would be 20% off so we figured we might as well add them to buy later. But one of my cousins was delighted because she always likes to get brides, grooms, or parents-to-be something not related to the Big Event. So I got those heels! Now I do that for others, too: get something practical and necessary for baby or home, and something totally fun just because!

    So if you’re registered at a store that sells more than just baby things, definitely add something fun and frivolous that you and Brett want just because you deserve it!
    Laura Marcella´s last blog post ..Monday Quote Day!

  5. Paulette Hawes says:

    Hey Ash –

    Since the baby is due on Mother’s Day – hopefully he will be born on time and all of these items will make wonderful first Mother’s Day gifts!!
    But I agree with everyone else – add to your registry!

    Love you, Mom

  6. Kelly says:

    I definitely think you can add things to your registry- I mean let’s be honest all baby gifts are really for the parents anyway, so why not have something REALLY for the parents? haha
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Peapod Delivery: The Pros and Cons

  7. sophie says:

    you’re working the hardest! i think you deserve a treat!
    sophie´s last blog post ..the little things

  8. Michelle says:

    Love your list! Hopefully husband will take note and get all these things for you once you deliver!
    Michelle´s last blog post ..Book Club

  9. jackie says:

    Ha I never even thought of that. Do it up and hopefully someone sweet will help you out 🙂

  10. brittany says:

    yess, i definitely need to add these things to my general life registry. can we just have those? life registries? i think that should totally be a thing.
    brittany´s last blog post ..january leftovers!

  11. Lana says:

    This is why I always bring a pampering gift to baby showers for the Mama. Massage gift certificate anyone?

  12. Jess says:

    It’s so nice to see a post like this! I have to admit…I really do not read blogs about babies (normally), but I really like yours. I think your weekly updates are cute, and that’s why I’ve kept reading! But it’s so refreshing to see a post where moms and moms-to-be talk about some “me” time. 🙂
    Jess´s last blog post ..Quoted: Mary Oliver

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