travel bug: australia.

Australia is essentially one giant island. You’ll notice it in the higher prices, the laidback attitudes and the seemingly endless stretch of beaches. Oh, the beaches. Australian beaches are surprisingly dramatic: wide swaths of sand, crashing azure waves, menacing storm clouds that flash into sunshine in an instant. Locals shrug off the dangers of rip tides and one-sting-and-you’re-gone bluebox jellyfish with a “no worries, mate” as they expertly duck into the surf.

{ Locals and tourists alike pour into the beaches of Lorne along the Great Ocean Road. }

{ Bronte Beach on a brilliantly sunny Sunday: it’s the place to be in Sydney in summer. }

{ Manly Beach is perfect for beginning surfers and expert beach bums. }

{ Bronte Beach is a haven for surfers when storms shut down the sand to sunbathers. }

{ St. Kilda Beach is Melbourne’s only sandy refuge: the waves are nonexistent, but it’s still a popular destination for sun-seekers and kitesurfers alike. }

{ A burst of color in the gray autumn skies along the Great Ocean Road. }

{ Stormy skies aren’t enough to stop Sydney surfers on Bronte Beach. }

{ The perfect sunset rest stop along the Great Ocean Road. }

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10 Responses to travel bug: australia.

  1. Nadine says:

    Aww, I love Australia! I’ve been to most of these places, too. Sweet memory. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing, beautiful pics.


  2. Sara says:

    These are great!
    I did a report on Australia in middle school and was so intrigued by it. The images are always lovely and there are so many interesting tidbits… like that the animals in the center of the country are so wild and dangerous that no one lives there, just in cities all around the perimeter. I would LOVE to fly over the center in a two-seater plane and check it out before spending another few days hanging around lazily on the beach. =]
    Sara´s last blog post ..Thursdays are for Multi-Tasking

  3. ashleyTIA says:

    I totally wanted to go to Australia for my honeymoon, but couldn’t get over the plane ticket prices! I will have to start saving my pennies, because these photos really make me want to go. 🙂
    ashleyTIA´s last blog post ..The one with the cheap sunglasses

  4. Oh wow. Those pictures are beautiful. It looks absolutely amazing. I wish I could travel outside of California. Blegh!

  5. Ankita says:

    Wow, Australia is beautiful! These pictures are absolutely breathtaking!
    Ankita´s last blog post ..A Bad First and a Good First

  6. Brooke says:

    Yeah Australia is pretty awesome. It’s a fun place to live – to know that these beaches are only an hour away is a very lovely thing to have.

    The beaches are seriously as beautiful as these photos look 🙂
    Brooke´s last blog post ..2 May 1998 – The Battle of Hogwarts

  7. Australia is blessed by beautiful beaches!
    I just spent the weekend on Stradbroke Island, Queensland, the second largest sand island in the world after Fraser Island (a little further up the coast!) – It was stunning 🙂
    Linda ~ Journey Jottings´s last blog post ..Strangler Fig engulfing its Host Photo Friday

  8. Kate says:

    What beautiful pictures!!
    Kate´s last blog post ..the last time

  9. Pernilla says:

    So many beautiful pictures! Been over to Australia twice , and I just can’t wait to get down under again, landing in Sydney in 3 weeks, and this time around I plan to stay around for quite a while. Amazing country!
    Pernilla´s last blog post ..The Love of the Game

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